About Us

Equine auctions always focus on the advertisement to consignors, promising them the opportunity to receive more than expected on their stock. Of course, a company is nothing without their consignors, but we’d like to focus on the most important aspect of our business: the buyers.

The need for a reasonably priced, sound, quality “middle of the road” horse is extremely overlooked. The auction business has seemed to unintentionally exclude buyers who are not looking to spend mid-high five figures on their next equine partner. However, there is an entire set of customers hoping to spend a sizable amount on a quality horse that doesn’t come from the bottom of a barrel. With the growing market, selling is the least of anyone’s issue, but rather, where you can buy them. This platform offers an opportunity to all clients, from any background an opportunity to experience the ease of buying and selling online.

All of our consignors are vetted before listing in hopes that quality material is presented that will fairly advertise a horse. The material submitted ensures that enough material is present for a potential buyer to make an informed decision on their purchase without possibly having the chance to visit an animal in person. Of course, we encourage all buyers to connect with sellers for a phone conversation or farm visit prior to visit if the opportunity allows.